Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

Account registration at 1on1 is only required if you are an athlete. Fans can discover, book an appointment, and have a video call with their favorite athlete without having to create an account. This ensures a valid communication channel for all parties involved in any transactions.
Simply visit, find the athlete that you would like to chat with, and book an appointment. You will receive an email confirmation of your appointment and it will be in Eastern Standard Time. You will also receive a reminder email 1 hour prior to your appointment.
1on1 video calls require you to use the Chrome browser. If you are an iPhone or iPad user, you will need to download and install the 1on1 application found here: DOWNLOAD NOW
This is very important to understand. All athletes schedules are in Eastern Standard Time. You will need to compensate for your time zone when booking the appointment. Do not worry, if you calculated wrong, as you shall receive an email reminder 1 hour prior to your appointment.
All prices for themes, templates and other items, including each seller's or buyer's account balance are in USD. You can pay with credit or debit, as we are using PayPal to proccess our transactions.
If you want to book multiple appointments with different or the same athletes without having to make separate transactions, we have a new feature. After you have selected your first appointment, you will have the option to make multiple bookings before checking out.


At your scheduled time, click on the link provided in your confirmation email. Remember, to open the link in Chrome or the Gruveo iOS application. When you open the link, a timer will start counting down from 21 minutes. This gives you and your favorite athlete time to sync up before your time starts. Since you and the athlete may connect at different times, the timers will be different. The video call will automatically end 21 minutes from the time of the first connection either by you or the athlete. So the timer will not be exactly accurate. Be aware of your time and do not log in too early. Also, be sure to test the video before your appointment to make sure that popup and ad blockers do not interfere with your appointment time allotment.
You can change your appointment upto 24 hours prior. There are no refunds, so it is important to keep your appointment. If you need to change your appointment, within the allowed period, you can do so by requesting an appointment change in an email to:
1on1 video calls require the use of the Chrome Internet browser (available here) or Gruveo iOS application (here). In advance of your appointment, visit: video test. You may need to whitelist or allow our application with your popup/ad blocker.
For feedback on your appointment or website experience, we would love to hear from you at:
If you need help with your booking, please feel free to contact us at:


It is simple. Just log in to your account and manage your schedule. When a fan visits our page and selects your profile, they can book an open slot in your schedule that you have made available. After booking, both you and the fan will receive a confirmation email of appointment time and link to the video call for that appointment. One hour before your appointment, a reminder email shall be sent. At the appointed time, using Chrome or the 1on1 iOS application (for iPhones and iPads), just click on the link and you will be enjoying a call with your fan. It is that easy!
After applying, one of our staff members will review your application and you will receive a welcome email with your account credentials. Just follow the instructions in the email to add your photo and bio to your profile. After confirming your profile creation, 1on1 shall make your profile live.

Do not lose your account credentials. As added security, a representative has to manually create and change your credentials. If you forget or lose your credentials, please contact us at with the subject: Lost Credentials.
Just log in to your account to manage your schedule or make changes to your profile. To make changes to your profile, select the human icon in the grey vertical menu on the left side of the screen. When you see your profile, click on the pencil icon to edit. There you can add your photo and bio. Just click save and you are all set.

To manage your schedule, you can select the clock icon on the left vertical menu. Here you will set up your recurring weekly schedule by clicking on the "Athlete Schedule". Once you set up your schedule, the booking system will repeat your availability on a weekly basis unless you make changes. If you want to create a special schedule, you can click on "Manage schedule by day" under the clock icon in the left vertical menu.

Lastly, if you want to see your schedule, you can click on the calendar icon in the left vertical menu.